8th Annual Camp Meeting |


June 27 – 30, 2024 | Burman University, Lacombe Alberta, Canada

2024 WCGSDA Camp Meeting

Guest Speaker

Pr. Joojo Bonnie

Teens Director

South England Conference, United Kingdom.

Reserve your place now. Arrange to take days off work, well in advance to avoid challenges with leave bookings at work. 

Faith | Strength I Transformation

Our theme “ROOTED IN CHRIST”, sets the stage for a transformative experience, where participants will delve deep into our faith and strengthen our connection with the Savior.

Meet | Connect | Fellowship

This is an opportunity to meet, connect and fellowship with friends, family and loved ones from Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories.

Camp Meeting Accommodation

Lakeview Hall | Burman University, Lacombe, Alberta